21 Wuthering Heights Quotes, Dark Love Drama by Emily Bronte

wuthering heights love quotes

Lockwood narrates this drama story through his diary book. Wuthering Heights takes concern in the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff. It’s not just a story about ill-fated theme, or romantic gothic love drama story since it’s wrapped with abuse act of revenge. It’s more than that. Their relationship is the pillar of this book. Sadly … Read more

21 Dune Quotes That Will Spice Up Your Mind, A Book Written By Frank Herbert

dune spice quotes

A science-fiction novel often offers a futuristic story. It typically features advanced technology and new ideas in weapons, medical research and such. Dune gives a little bit far different story. It brings not only technology but also ecology, politics, and religion. You’ll be brought to a world set 20.000 in the future. The year is … Read more