47+ Confidence Quotes, Power to Make You Confident With Yourself

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Confidence is something important in this life. You know clearly that someone with a confident appearance always brings them to many advantages and gets good ratings from others. In a sense, self-confidence is your way of knowing what you have mastered, the values ​​that you can give and how you convey it to others. Confidence … Read more

43+ Self Care Quotes, Start Caring about Yourself

i want to take care of you

What is meant by self care? Self care is everything we do to intentionally maintain our mental, emotional and physical health. Although actually this is a simple concept in his theory, but it is actually something that we often ignore. Though self care is the key to improving mood and reducing anxiety. It is also … Read more

31+ Mindfulness Quotes, How To Pratice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is something that shows that our mind is fully aware of what has happened, with whatever we are doing. It may seem simple, but in fact we more often avoid the problems we face. Unwholesome thoughts, lose control of the body and soon we become more engrossed in various obsessive thoughts about something that … Read more

51+ Emphaty Quotes, Knowing The Meaning of Empathy

empathy and understanding

Empathy is a mental state that makes people feel themselves in the same circumstances, feelings or thoughts as others. In other terms, empathy can be interpreted as the ability to realize oneself for someone’s feelings, then act to help them. What differentiates empathy between one person and another is the depth of feeling and how … Read more

37+ Stress Quotes, Inspiring Words to Make Your Life Happy

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Stressful? Anxious? Words that are familiar and often heard even we may experience. Stress is a psychological, mental and even physical disorder experienced by a person due to a pressure. While anxiety is also a disorder in the form of fear, nervousness, anxiety about something that has not happened and is natural if ever experienced … Read more

81+ Sassy Quotes, How To Creat Creative and Classy Quotes

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Literally, Sassy is defined as someone who has no fear or worry to express their personal opinions without considering the sensitivity of others. Sassy is brave and fresh. For example when you don’t hesitate to say your teacher’s husband is very attractive and handsome. It may seem very presumptuous, but that is sassy. The collection … Read more

101+ Sad Quotes, That Can Represent Your Feelings


As with happiness, sadness also has its own various meanings which may be different for each person and different in what they feel. In life we ​​don’t always get happiness in living life. If we describe happiness above, then sadness in the opposite direction is precisely below. Of course, as humans feel also what is … Read more

71+ Growth Mindset Quotes, How to Change The Mindset in a Positive

Growth Mindset is someone’s mindset to believe that failure is not proof that someone is not smart. But failure is a challenge to develop and improve its abilities. So that this mindset has a profound effect on one’s success and failure in the field of work, hobbies, personal and greatly influences a person’s level of … Read more