56+ Ornamental Fountain Grass to Grow in Your Garden

In every garden, as in every life, there are those carefree players that make things a little bit a lot more kicked back for everybody.

Give them a beverage when they initially arrive, use a no-fuss chair, and also they enjoy.

That’s pennisetum, likewise referred to as fountain grass.

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It settles in promptly as well as will bring no-work shade, framework, and also appearance to an area practically immediately.

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From the Latin penna (plume) and seta (bristle), pennisetum cultivars have fine, hair-like inflorescences, or plumes.

Yet don’t be deceived by the apparent special– these yards are a difficult yet adaptable bunch.

The majority of the 130-plus varieties expand in blooming, water fountain shapes with plumes of cream, tan, pink, or burgundy.

Frequently their foliages change shade in loss. Native to exotic, subtropical and also cozy, warm regions, pennisetum lawns flourish in sunlight and heat and also need little upkeep or water when developed.

They’re made use of as annuals in colder environments.

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‘ Hameln’ is the earliest cultivar of P. alopecuroides as well as is prominent in yards with a brief expanding period as a result of its early flower.

It expands to 2 feet and is taken into consideration a dwarf water fountain turf, making it perfect for yards as well as containers alike.

fountain grass origin map
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Pennisetum grasses appearance beautiful en masse or alone.

” Whatever functions” is their motto.

fountain grass ornamental grasses
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Pennisetum seeds are stored in the plumes.

Plumes can be downy or small.

The lawns have a clumping growth behavior and are spread via seed or below ground rhizomes.

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In Africa, the fallen leaves of numerous pennisetum varieties are woven right into baskets or filters or are utilized as animal feed.

Pearl millet (P. glaucum) has fed people in Africa and India for hundreds of years.

Pennisetum plumes go in any case– dried out or fresh, they’re ideal for flower arrangements.

P. clandestinum, otherwise referred to as kikuyu turf, is a difficult, intrusive varieties that spreads by roots.

The famed Riviera Country Club and Torrey Pines Golf links both use it on their fairways.

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Variegated or purple-foliaged pennisetum lawns are frequently tender in all however the hottest climates.

Due to this they’re normally treated as annuals in cooler areas.

Though really adaptable, pennisetum typically like well-drained dirt and also complete sunlight.

Some varieties do sit back in the shade.

If you are inclined to shear this low-maintenance plant, cut it back in the very early spring and also divide in late springtime or very early loss.

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