Investment That Can Be Done With Only IDR 100K

Everyone wants to invest and get some return. Yet, not all of them are capable to invest due to the amount of their money that are not considerably sufficient. Most of people thought that investments are required big bags of money. Even though this is not literally the case, investment can still be done with even only small funds.

If you are still confused about what to invest with only IDR 100.000 that apparently quite a small capital for investment, here are some of investment types that you should consider to put your money.

  1. Gold Investment

The first investment that can be made with a capital around IDR 100,000 or less is gold. You could invest by buying gold according to your needs every month. For example, once you buy some of gold, then you allocate about IDR 50,000 or even just right at  IDR 50,000.

Gold investment is quite profitable and low risk in getting loss. It happens because the stability of gold value which makes the price rarely go down and tend to increase. The investment process and method are also easier and convenient.

Investment in gold is quite popular because it has high liquidity. Once you need the money then you could always withdraw or even just sell the gold.

  1. Conventional Financing Investment

Many people in the society started placing their money in the Investment that applied crowdfunding system. The concept of the crowdfunding itself is that we as the investors provide capital to the people or small business who needs financing with a certain amount.

After the specified time duration, the funds will be returned along with the distribution of yield or interest that stated in the beginning. However, the amount of money or the capital you need  to invest is simply with only under IDR 100,000. Yet, you still gain some return even with the limited amount of capital.

  1. Sharia Financing Investment

One of the difficulties that capital owners have is not about how much funds they have but where they have to put their money for investment. Moreover, there are those who absolutely prefer to conduct financial transactions using Islamic principles rather than the conventional type so that they will be free from usury (riba) and similar matters that prohibited in Islam.

If you are one of those who have that fear, you could always put your money in Qazwa for sharia investment. This Islamic investment platform brings together between capital owners and project owners. The financing system that Qazwa used is crowdfunding where you can provide capital not only by yourself but together with the other investors who also prefer the sharia investment.

Beside the management that uses the principles of Islamic laws, there is also no requirement for someone who wants to invest should have a lot of capital. With only IDR 5,000 you can always make an investment in the easy way. No matter how much capital you have, you still have the opportunity to get the return up to 24% per year.

Those are the types of investments that could be started with only a small amount of capital. You can choose your own type of investment whether it is conventional or Islamic. If you are interested and want to put your money in sharia investment that compliant with Islamic Principles, Qazwa might be the option.

Let’s invest in sharia way with Qazwa through Islamic financing so that our life will be more blessed.


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