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DIY Distressed Wood Image Backdrop
I enjoy making use of appearance in my pictures. Whether it be a harsh burlap material or a distressed item of wood, it adds a lot depth as well as character to a photo. And for those people who aren’t honored with an attractive rustic wood tabletop, we need to resort to extreme measures.
Or otherwise so drastic ones.
My first effort at a distressed timber history included obtaining a long piece of beadboard cut into 2 ′ sizes, gluing them together, and afterwards repainting it white. It worked, but I really did not enjoy the dual grooves of the beadboard. They were too solid as well as eliminated emphasis from the subject. I desired something a little bit a lot more subtle.
For this particular background you will need twelve 3.5 ″ vast, 2 ′ long boards, plus two 2.5 ″ broad boards to make an excellent square. Arrange half of the boards in one direction, and also tape in position. I desired a really tiny however still appreciable space between the boards, the tape assisted keep it in place while I glued.
Next off, lay the other fifty percent of the boards in the contrary direction, gluing in place with timber glue, carefully placing boards so the voids are to your liking. Cautious not to place way too much glue, you don’t want it to ooze through the gabs (or, emergency room, glue it to your flooring …).
When the boards are glued in position, placed a level, hefty weight (like an upside down coffee table or a lot of books) on the top and allow dry over night. You might also make use of timber clamps if you have them, but basically you simply desire something that will certainly hold the pieces strongly together until the adhesive is completely dry.
Now it prepares to repaint!
For my paint, I merely picked up a couple of sample containers of paint. $2/a piece, and also sufficient paint to cover my little 2 × 2 ′ history. One sort of a medium green brownish color (called Truffle), white, and after that two shades of blue-green. My strategy was to make use of both sides of the board, have actually one painted standard white, and also the various other a pretty brilliant blue-green.
I desired the wood to look old, not brand-new. Old wood is dark, and also I desired some of that darkness to reveal with.
Begin by thinning down your brownish paint. I made use of probably 50/50 water to paint. But I recommend (and this is what I did) screening your surfaces initially. I started with the end board, considering that I recognized it wouldn’t reveal excessive in the pictures, and afterwards when I enjoyed with that coating I repeated the very same process for the rest of the board.
Water down your paint, and afterwards comb a coat onto each board, one a time. You want full coverage with this layer. Then take a towel or paper towel and also, while the paint is still wet, clean it off. This will certainly make the paint act more like a discolor than a paint. You can see that the total shade is darker, yet the timber grain still reveals via. Allow this layer completely dry totally before proceeding (or if you’re impatient like me, order the hair dryer).
Next off, time for color. I decided to utilize 2 tones of turquoise for included depth. I began with the darker one. Making use of a rather completely dry brush, gently brush on the color. You don’t desire a ton of paint on your brush; erratic insurance coverage and also missed out on areas are great. Brush strokes are good. Harsh is good. Move rapidly, as well as do not overthink it. You can constantly add even more paint, however you can not take it off. Once again, allow this layer dry entirely.
Initially, the strategy was to duplicate the very same procedure on the back but paint it white. However I was kind of digging the dark stain all on its own, and also chose to leave it that way … a minimum of for now. Who understands, I may come back later on and also proceed with the white. Or I might simply make a 2nd one completely.
And there you have it! For about $40, you have a mobile, relatively easy to fix timber background for your images! Spiffy!

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