50+ Awesome Modern Wood Table (Ideas, Designs, Inspiration)

Right here you’ll locate the most effective timber for a wood table in your home.

We offer 50 common wood types as well as this article will provide you the standard characteristics of each of them to help you select the very best wood tables for you.

wood table decor
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Table of Contents


wood table lamp base
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Oak is thick and tough with a deep all-natural grain that has appearance you can see as well as feel.

Oak is extremely useful and also practical due to the fact that it is resistant to dings as well as damages.

A strong oak dining table is best for day-to-day usage especially for families with little ones.

Red Oak is only expanded in The United States and Canada and is readily offered making it one of the most cost-effective of all hard timbers.

Most of us live in houses and homes with doors, floorings & wall trims made from Red Oak.


wood table grey chairs
Image source: www.shopreed.com

Maple is a difficult wood that is smooth to the touch with a tighter grain than Oak.

The benefit of Maple is that it has a smooth look that is extremely smooth and in the case of Brown Maple, is in the a lot more economical cost variety of hard woods.

Brown Maple is rather light in weight and also absorbs colored discolorations well.

Its smooth grain works well in contemporary and also modern-day pieces yet it has a comforting and inviting existence. It fits any kind of eating design use from every day to even more formal.


wood table gumtree
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Walnut has bold streaming grains that make a large design statement.

Walnut happily shows dark to light patterns that offer a dining-room an advanced appearance.

Walnut is crafted in furnishings to look slim and smooth with tidy lines and also a straight cut design.

It is constantly popular however has actually just recently gained appeal in much more metropolitan kinds of style.

Walnut is a little bit harder that brown maple, yet not as difficult as oak; it often tends to be the among one of the most expensive timbers.


g plan cherry wood dining table
Image source: www.architecturaldigest.com

Elm has gorgeous dark and light lines with little flakes in between.

A dining-room filled with an Elm hutch, table as well as chairs, shows one-of-a-kind taste.

When considered closely it looks like Quail plumes that give it a feeling of being one-of- a-kind style.

Elm is a very solid timber with specifically remarkable tensile toughness and capability to be bent as well as designed.


wood table g
Image source: www.boulderfurniturearts.com

Cherry has smooth even patterns with small pits.

Cherry has soft lines of light curves with dark describes and also an abundant, smooth grain.

It additionally has little darks places and streaks throughout … these are pits and also natural resource in the timber.

The integral nature of cherry creates it to dim with direct exposure to light, specifically when provided an all-natural (no-stain) surface.

Cherry is softer and also lighter than some other woods making it extra vulnerable to dings and dents than more difficult timbers like oak.

Cherry timber eating furniture offers heat and also elegance to any area.

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