17 Powerful Antigone Quotes About Life, Play Written By Sophocles

Greek is always great in making tragic stories. Here we have a play written by Sophocles in or before 441 BC, Antigone. Antigone is the last part of Theban plays.

The Theban plays have few parts. There are Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone. Don’t feel alarmed, many great stories written in plays, and this book is one of them.

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It is a play about a young girl who defends her belief and her love for her family. This is interesting, since Antigone is written in a time where women are considered second class.

Thus, many experts are interested in studying this play. It’ll expand your knowledge about Greek mythology way better.

Antigone Book

Antigone tells a story after King Oedipus died, and her uncle, Creon, became a king of city-state Theban. She has a sister, Ismene, and two brothers, Eteokles and Polyneikes. Antigone’s brothers killed each other in a war for the throne.

However, Creon only honored one of them, Eteokles, and declared Polyneikes as a traitor. Thus, Creon forbade anyone, including his family, to bury him and mourn.

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Antigone felt her uncle was unfair. She buried her brother herself. Creon punished her by burying her alive. This made Creon’s son, who is also Antigone’s fiancée protested.

Creon’s son rushed to the cave where Creon buried Antigone. He finds her had died to hang herself. His son lamenting over Antigone. He tried to stab his father but failed. He then stabbed himself.

Reasons Why Should Read Antigone

If you like Shakespearean tragedies, you should read this book. Moreover, the main character is a brave, young girl who defends her belief that family should come first before rules.

This female character as a heroine is presented ahead of time, even before feminism. That’s why this book should be on your shopping-book list.

Antigone Quotes

Quotes from antigone

All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.

There is no art that teaches us to know/ The temper, mind or spirit of any man/ Until he has been proved by government/ And lawgiving.

You are always defying the world, but you’re only a girl, after all.

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Go then if you must, but remember, no matter how foolish your deeds, those who love you will love you still.

And if I have to die for this pure crime,/ I am content, for I shall rest beside him;/ His love will answer mine

Antigone important quotes

A man, though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, and must unbend his mind.

Welcome, light of the Sun, the fairest/ Sun that ever has dawned upon/ Thebes, the city of seven gates!

I was born to join in love, not hate – that is my nature.

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Wonders are many, yet of all/ Things is Man the most wonderful

Tomorrow is tomorrow. Future cares have future cures, And we must mind today.

Important quotes from antigone 

disaster is linked with disaster./ Woe again must each generation inherit.

Grief teaches the steadiest minds to waver.

Tragedy is restful; and the reason is that hope … has no part in it.

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We have only a little time to please the living. But all eternity to love the dead.

If we had to listen to … people … tell us what’s the matter with this country, we’d never get our work done.

When I have tried and failed, I shall have failed.

Nothing has a name—except the ship, and the storm.

Antigone Trivia

Antigone is a daughter of Oedipus, as the result of an incestuous relationship with his mother, Jocasta. The term Oedipus Complex originates from this story.

Ancient stories always have their own magical powers to draw readers’ attention. If you are interested in Greek tragedies, Antigone could be your starting point.

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