31 Timeless Back To The Future Quotes and Meme, The Adventure of Doc and Marty

Are you a lover of science-fiction movies that talk about time machine?  Do you love comedy movies more than other movie genres?

Then you will definitely love a very special movie called Back to the Future.

back to the future quotes doc

This movie is the best choice for us to spend quality time with family.

If you are far away from family, this movie is still the greatest 1.21 Jigawatts choice to perfect your holiday.

Back to the Future Movie

Director of this comedy adventure movie was Robert Zemeckis, who also wrote this movie’s story with Bob Gale.

This movie launched on 3 July 1985 but is still an amazing movie we should watch now.

This movie is about Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox and Jennifer Parker the girlfriend of Marty played by Claudia Wells.

Another main character is Dr. Emmett Brown played by Christopher Lloyd.

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The story of this movie is about Marty McFly going back thirty years through a time machine named DeLorean created by Doc Brown (a.k.a. Doc Vader).

The adventure does not end when the movie ends. We will find more 1.21 Gigawatts adventures that are truly fantastic in the sequels of this movie.

When you are done with this movie, watch Back to the Future Part II released on 1989 also Back to the Future Part III launched on 1990.

Why Should Watch Back to the Future

Why should we watch a very old movie while there are so fascinating movies today?

One reason is we will never get bored no matter how often we watch this movie.

The comedy in this movie is perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

Though you have watched this movie several times and you know what the characters will say, this movie will never fail to make you laugh.

The best choice for your bad times.

Back to the Future Quotes

Back to the future quotes doc

My equipment? That reminds me Marty, you’d better not hook up to the amplifier. There’s a slight possibility of overload.

Time machine? I haven’t invented any time machine.

Ronald Reagan? The actor!? [chuckles in disbelief] Then who’s vice-president, Jerry Lewis? I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady? And Jack Benny is Secretary of the Treasury!

There’s that word again, ‘heavy’. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?

Unfortunately, no. It requires something with a little more kick; Plutonium!

Hey! Hey, hey, keep rolling, keep rolling there! No, no, no, no, no. This sucker’s electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity I need.

back to the future doc quotes

[waving arms] Of course! From a group of Libyan nationalists. They wanted me to build them a bomb, so I took their plutonium and in turn gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts!

Radiation suit? Of course! Because of all the fallout from the atomic wars! This is incredible. A portable television studio! No wonder your president has got to be an actor, he has to look good on television.

I’m sure that in 1985, plutonium is available in every corner drug store, but in 1955 it’s a little hard to come by. Marty, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you’re stuck here!

It works! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! IT WORKS! I finally invent something that works. Somehow, we’ve gotta sneak this back to my laboratory. We gotta get you home!

The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

The appropriate question is when the hell are they! You see, Einstein has just become the world’s first time traveler! I sent him into the future! One minute into the future to be exact! And at precisely, 1:21 A.M. and zero seconds, we shall catch up with him and the time machine!

He’s fine, and he’s completely unaware that anything happened. As far as he’s concerned the trip was instantaneous. That’s why Einstein’s watch is exactly one minute behind mine. He skipped over that minute to instantly arrive at this moment in time.

Don’t worry. As long as you hit that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88 miles an hour, the instant the lightning strikes the tower… everything will be fine!

Back to the future quotes marty

I guarantee it. Well, good luck you guys. (Walks away, and turns back) Oh, and one other thing, if you guys ever have kids (Lorraine is agape with surprise), and one of them, when he’s eight years old accidentally sets fire to the living room rug? Go easy on him

Wait a minute, wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?!

Wait… what the hell is a gigawatt?!

Wait a minute, Doc. Are you trying to tell me my mom… has got the hots for me? Whoa, this is heavy.

Whoa, wait a minute, Doc. What are you talking about? What happens to us in the future? What, do we become assholes or something?

Yeah, well, history is gonna change.

back to the future 3 quotes

[jumps up from the table] I gotta go! Thank you very much. You’ve all been great. I’ll see you all later… much later. [leaves]

Uh, Plutonium… Wait a minute, are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?! Doc, you don’t just walk into a store and buy plutonium! Did you rip that off?

Wait, you don’t understand. You gotta play. If there’s no music they can’t dance. If they can’t dance they can’t kiss, if they can’t kiss, they can’t fall in love and I’m history!

Listen, George, if you do not ask Lorraine out then I’m gonna regret it for the rest of my life.

What about all that talk about screwing up future events? The space-time continuum?

(As “Darth Vader”) You, George McFly, have created a rift in the space-time continium!

Silence earthling! My name is Darth Vader. (heavy breathing) I am an extraterrestial from the planet Vulcan! [Gives Vulcan salute]

Damn it, Doc! Why did you have to tear up that letter. If only I had more time… Wait, a minute, I got all the time I want! I got a time machine! I could just go back early and warn him. All right. Let’s see, ten minutes ought to do it. Time circuits on, Flux Capacitor… fluxing, engine running, all right! [the car dies]

Doc, I’m from the future. I came here in a time machine that you invented. Now I need your help to get back to the year 1985.

Look, Doc, you gotta help me. You’re the only one who knows how your time machine works.

Jesus Christ, Doc, you disintegrated Einstein!

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

Important quotes back to the future

That’s your name isn’t it? Calvin Klein? It’s written all over your underwear. Oh, I guess they call you “Cal.”

[marty mention about Pepsi Sugar Free] What? Pepsi ‘Free’. If you want a Pepsi, pal, you’ve gonna to pay for it!

Oh honey, he’s teasing you, nobody has two television sets.

Your father kissed me for the very first time on that dance floor. It was then I realized I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.

best back to the future quotes

Marty, one rejection isn’t the end of the world.

Shape up, man. You’re a slacker. You wanna be a slacker for the rest of your life?

Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t ask Lorraine out that he’d melt my brain.

[Upon seeing the DeLorean] Lord, what is it, what is it, Paw?  Looks like a airplane… without wings! That ain’t no airplane. Look! [shows father “Tales from Space” comic book]

Save the clock tower! Save the clock tower! Mayor Wilson is sponsoring an initiative to replace that clock. Thirty years ago, lightning struck that clock tower and the clock hasn’t run since. We at the Hill Valley Preservation Society think it should be preserved exactly the way it is as part of our history and heritage –

No, sir! I’m gonna make something of myself. I’m going to night school and one day I’m gonna be somebody! Yeah, I’m gonna… mayor. Now that’s a good idea. I could run for mayor. You wait and see, Mr. Carruthers. I will be mayor! I’ll be the most powerful mayor in Hill Valley and I’m gonna clean up this town. “Mayor Goldie Wilson”. I like the sound of that.

Back to the Future Trivia / Interesting Fact

There are many interesting things happen related to this movie. For example, there was a letter sent by a fan named John DeLorean for both writers of this movie.

This fan thanked both writers since they have immortalized his car. Besides, there was a sad story behind the awards received by this movie.

Do you know that script of this movie was rejected more than forty times before the release?

famous back to the future quotes

Last unique thing about this Back to the Future is Michael J. Fox becomes truly famous everywhere though years had passed.

In 2010 for example, twenty-five years after the movie released, strangers still call Michael J. Fox “McFly!” constantly.

People also pretty hype about back to the future shoes that make Nike make one.

People still remember parts and characters of this movie after years (it also become meme at some points); this is an evidence that this movie is worth watching movie you need to add to your list.

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