50+ Subway Tile Ideas That Are Totally Timeless

Subway Tile Ideas:

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subway tile jacuzzi
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Subway Ceramic Tile Is Always Standard, Always Trendy

subway tile johannesburg
Image source: www.neonburrito.info

Subway floor tile is a rectangular, brick-like, normally brightened ceramic tile that advises you of train terminals.

Embellishing cooking areas, shower rooms and lavatory, it is available in numerous shades as well as fits all type of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

The very best feature of subway tile?

It’s always trendy.

Like the little black dress, metro tile is the most effective selection if you want your bathroom to look great and preserve its decoration worth with the years.

White Train Ceramic Tile With Dark Grout

subway tile installed vertically
Image source: www.apartmenttherapy.info

Our initial example is a traditional, classic white train floor tile with contrasting, dark cement, by Spivey Architects using Houzz.

This beautiful shower room includes a complete metro tile wall in the shower, along with a half-wall as? a backsplash behind the door.

If you wish to avoid the dull all-white effect, pick a darker cement, as in this restroom, for comparison and aesthetic passion.

Metro Floor Tile Shower With Herringbone Inset

subway tile gap size
Image source: www.24spaces.com

Very same ceramic tile, different positioning, a lot of fun: this herringbone inset in a white train floor tile shower is intriguing and also distinctive in this design by Standard Casual Residence.

The tile is the precise very same, but in a different orientation: herringbone, in this situation.

It’s a very easy job that does not add to your improvement costa and includes a whole lot of design value.

Train Tile With Blue Mosaic Accent

subway tile history
Image source: www.perilersofrasi.com

This typical bathroom by Four Brothers LLC, through Houzz, is an exceptional instance of how you can accent subway ceramic tile with a small strip of tinted mosaic.

In this situation, a different blue floor tile notes the mid-wall, separating the light blue paint from the white subway ceramic tile.

That strip is excellent for picking accent colors– in this instance, light blue on the wall as well as towel. An easy, timeless restroom layout that’s very easy to implement, also!

Restroom With Variegated Marble Metro Ceramic Tile

subway tile farmhouse kitchen
Image source: www.decoratoo.com

The train style does not always have to come in dull, consistent ceramic.

This subway-cut marble floor tile includes gold as well as grey veining, best for simple and easy color as well as activity.

This restroom by Carriage Lane Designs reveals that a traditional subway pattern can make use of different rocks for surprising results.

Black-white Subway Ceramic Tile Shower With Vintage Theme

subway tile herringbone shower
Image source: www.trendedecor.com

This black-white-bordering-on-tan metro floor tile (completely to the ceiling!) verifies that the train floor tile pattern can fit any kind of design.

A design by Corea Sotropa Interior Decoration, this shower features a classic shower head with gold finish, which draws out the neutral tones in the floor tile as well as inset mosaic.

White Train Ceramic Tile With Neutral Contrasting Inset

subway tile inside corner
Image source: www.blueridgeapartments.com

Place a different metro floor tile in a different direction for a break in an otherwise boring white floor tile pattern, as in this restroom by Woodstock Closet Business, using Houzz.

All you require is a percentage of a various tinted tile; install it at a various angle to the remainder, and also voilà!

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