The Grinch Christmas Quotes, A Unique Christmas Story

is coming fast! Have you decided what to do with your family during this Christmas holiday? For some families, Christmas is identical with watching Christmas themed movies.

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If that is also your family tradition for Christmas, you do need to find some great movies, right? The Grinch that is now playing in theater can be a magnificent option.

Grinch Movie

The Grinch is animation comedy movie that belongs to families.

This movie by Illumination was adapted from a book from Dr. Seuss named “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” which is published in 1957.

Before this movie, the book has been adapted for a television series in 1966 also in live action film in 2000.

Screenplay of this movie written by Tommy Swerdlow and Michael LeSieur.

Directors of this movie were Scott Mosier and Yarrow Cheney.

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Since this movie released on 9 November 2018, better get the ticket now while it is still playing in some theaters.

The movie is about Grinch who lives in a cave on the Mount Crumpet. His only company is Max, the loyal dog.

Christmas celebration is always bothering Grinch, but there will be something different in this year’s Christmas.

Why Should Watch Grinch

One reason to watch this movie is it is the best animation movie to accompany your kids during this Christmas season.

Another reason to add this movie to your list is it produced by Illumination.

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Illumination’s Despicable Me series and Minions movie and The Lorax loved by children around the world.

There is no doubt that kids will also love this new movie by Illumination.

Besides, this movie is combining modern music with orchestral score and classic carols of Christmas.

Your Christmas will be much more special with this green animated character telling your kids a beautiful Christmas story.

Grinch Qoutes

The Grinch Quotes

Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.

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Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.

Why didn’t I think of that? Cut, print, check the gate, moving on.

And he, he himself…the Grinch…carved the roast-beast!

It couldn’t, shouldn’t, musn’t, wouldn’t. not now, not then, not ever again

I’m Booked.

I could hang myself with all the bad Christmas neckties I found at the dump.

You’re gonna steal it.

You’re the-the-the-the-the-the- THE GRINCH!

That the Grinch’s small heart.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Quotes

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And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.

 And then the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches plus two.

We’re gonna die! We’re gonna die! I’m gonna throw up and then we’re gonna die!

I’m an idiot!

But what would I wear?

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Blast this Christmas music… It’s joyful AND triumphant.

The term ‘Grinchy’ shall apply when Christmas spirit is in short supply.

So that by the time my voice reverbarates off the walls, and gets back to me, I won’t be able to hear it.

Brilliant. You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism.

Grinch Christmas Quotes

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.

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Hate, hate, hate. Double hate. Loathe entirely!

I just eating because I’m bored?

I want golf clubs. I want diamonds. I want a pony so I can ride it twice, get bored and sell it to make glue.

No matter how different a Who may appear, he will always be welcome with holiday cheer.

Now pucker up and kiss it, Whoville!

We’re gonna crash!

I’ll fix it up there, then I’ll bring it back here.

Now you listen to me, young lady!

We’re gonna die! We’re gonna die! I’m going to throw up, and then I’m gonna die! Mommy, tell it to stop!

Grinch Trivia / Interesting Fact

dr seuss how the grinch stole christmas

Speaking about Illumination, we need to watch the characters of its animation movies. In 2010, Margo wore Lorax shirt during the Despicable Me, which is introducing us to The Lorax released in 2012.

In 2017, Margo wore Grinch T-shirt, which now we know introduced us to a new movie released this year.

Let us watch someone’s shirt in this movie that may lead to the next Illumination’s movie.

At first, Illumination planned to release this movie in 2017 but then moved to 2018.

One reason Illumination moved the release date is to avoid the competition with another Christmas themed animation movie from Sony Animation, The Star.


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