51+ Gorgeous Wood Fence Panels For your Modern Home

A privacy fencing can turn a city yard into a private outdoor oasis.

Equally as curtains make your living-room really feel less like a fishbowl, a wood fencing can make your lawn seem like an expansion of your home.

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It’s amazing how a few fencing messages as well as wood fencing panels can seemingly add square video footage to your home!


A privacy fencing is a solid secure fencing framework used to separate outdoor spaces.

They work as exterior wall surfaces, creating separate rooms for families in metropolitan or suburbs.

Privacy fences either display or entirely obstruct the sight in between different homes.

We can’t all have our own farm in the country, however a backyard must at least have an unique silent place for an alfresco family supper.

The majority of property personal privacy fence panels are roughly 6 ′ tall (or 2 metres tall in locations that utilize statistics).

Wood fencing frameworks are most generally used, adhered to by vinyl and also composite privacy fencings.

I such as the look of a timeless wood fence, although it can be much more maintenance than plastic or composite.

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A personal privacy fence is typically quickest to mount if pre-made fence panels are used.

The majority of standard fencing panels are 6 ′ high and 8 ′ broad.

Personalized panels are usually offered in other heights or widths for an extra charge.

It’s additionally possible to modify standard fence panels, particularly if you just need a few occasionally.

Typical privacy fencing panels have the fence boards standing in an upright pattern.

More modern fences can have horizontal fence boards.

Take into consideration the look and feel of your property prior to falling for a certain kind of fencing panel.

The timber panels you select ought to match the remainder of your home.

Some wood fence panels merely have the boards laid beside each other.

In this case, a small area can usually be seen in between the boards (especially if the wood shrinks).

To address the issue of this space in privacy fence panels, much more costly panels are commonly created as “tongue and also groove” or “board and also batten”).

These ending up styles both consist of an overlap in between boards that cover any type of possible space.

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A timber fence is generally constructed with cedar or an additional softwood (spruce, ache, fir).

A cedar fencing will last a lot longer than a spruce/pine/fir lumber fence, merely as a result of the durable properties of cedar timber itself.

Cedar secure fencing does cost even more in advance, yet the replacement timeline offsets the increased rate.

As you intend your timber fencing, take into consideration chatting with your immediate neighbors.

The majority of house owners wish to be good neighbors.

Your neighbors could be checking out your fencing for a long time, and also might appreciate a conversation regarding it before you begin.

Some neighbors like the suggestion of a new privacy fencing.

Others might have hesitations that are best worked out nicely prior to job begins.

It’s certainly worth a conversation!

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A typical fence message for a privacy fence need to complement the fencing panels.

Most wood fencing articles are made of natural cedar or pressure-treated spruce/pine/fir lumber.

Since the fencing posts may touch moisture-holding products like dirt or compost, they usually rot faster than fence panels.

Fencing blog posts are often set up taller than the fencing, and afterwards cut down complying with setup of the panels.

Each fence message need to have a solid base (generally put concrete).

Fencing openings can be dug mechanically with an auger to conserve hand shovelling.

Sometimes the concrete base for a fence article is put straight into the hole.

In this case, the message is set down into the wet concrete as well as supported so that it sets in the ideal area.

Wooden fencing blog posts put down into concrete can be quite tough, yet can rot because of moisture direct exposure.

It’s additionally challenging to replace private messages later on because the whole concrete plug must be dug up.

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To develop fence articles that can be changed extra easily, a commercial cardboard tube form (sonotube or handy-form) is utilized.

In this case, the entire tube is loaded with concrete as well as enabled to establish.

Tiny holes are later on drilled in the top of concrete base to secure a fence blog post saddle or pole into the base.

The bottom of the fence post is then affixed to the top of the concrete base.

A single fence article can later be eliminated and also replaced without digging up the concrete base.

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Right here’s what a natural cedar fence appears like after setup (over).

High-quality fencing stain can help safeguard the wood in the long run (although cedar is already rot-resistant).

A brand-new cedar fencing can be treated with a mineral-based toxin-free natural discolor (like on our cedar deck), an oil-based tarnish, and even a water based tarnish.

Some business stains are strong (comparable to repaint), while others are clear or semi-translucent.

Many house owners search for a tarnish that passes through into the wood rather than producing a safety film in addition to the timber.

This enables the wood to “take a breath”… the primary advantage of which is to minimize peeling.

Anyone that’s ever before had the satisfaction of scratching and also fining sand a personal privacy fence will certainly understand that selecting a low-maintenance discolor at the beginning is time well-spent!

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